Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mia's turning one!

I can't believe that my little girl is going to be one this saturday! the past year has been insane, wonderful, stressful, eye opening, humbling and insane...did I say insane? Mia's become this sly, sweet little person with a such a quirky sense of humor. she's also going to walk any day now; a prospect I'm both excited and exhausted thinking about. Desmond's changed so much since Mia was born, too. he's not a toddler anymore, he's a little boy soon to be 4. he runs around shooting at things and has recently taken to rolling his eyes at me. apparently I'm embarrassing and boring at times. I've changed as well. I look like a zombie and I can't get anyone's name right who lives in our house. Daniel, Daddy, Desmond, Marisa, Mommy and Mia. It's too much and I sound senile. oh well. so saturday's the big day and we've gotten Mia a few things but the most noteworthy is this pinafore I've made for her special day. It's the sweetest thing I've ever made for her, I'm so happy with how it turned out :) happy birthday, Mia!

the front

the back

the model :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

why I love

so I finally ventured to the mall yesterday. it was all I thought it would be and more. I didn't even go to christmas shop, just a quick in and out to get Desmond some mittens to wear when they go outside at school. on a side note, I decided to get him the mittens not only because it's damn cold outside, but he looks like a ward of Alcatraz pacing around outside with his hands shoved in his pockets. I imagined him about to shank someone and thought, just get him some mittens. I've digressed (and revealed way too much about the state of my sanity, let's move on), so we go to the damn mall to prevent a homicide (because that's really the only time it's ok to go to the mall this time of year). I call up the store I intend on purchasing said mittens from and ask them where I should enter the mall (yes, to avoid being in any part of the mall I don't have to be). I'm so smart. or am I? I proceed to drive (literally) circles around the mall for 15 minutes looking for Dillard's (my fantastically convenient entrance). well nobody told me that Dillard's is actually considered the rear end of the mall (if the mall was a breathing, living person). yes, I am circling this damn mall for what seems like an eternity trying to land on it's ass. I finally find it and it's preceded by JCPenney and Sears if this puts any perspective on the situation. once I get the kids out of the car, we do find the mitten store very quickly. but keep in mind- I am still in the butt of the mall. anyway, what should be a quick mitten fitting becomes a writhing on the ground (both kids) fight where people are staring. the 11 month old is screaming at a decibel not known to the human ear and the 3.5 year old is insisting (read screaming) that it hurts him, yes, hurts him to try on mittens. cut to the 11 month old trying to escape on hand and foot. the other one is looking at me (don't forget screaming as well) in a way that implies that I've kidnapped him. we get out of there before social services is called and get out of the ass of the mall somewhat unscathed.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

turning trash into treasure...

so I finally have gone through a huge mess of clothes in our closet and *somewhat* organized it.  there's about 35 pieces of baby clothes that Mia has already outgrown. I washed and pressed everything, took some pics and listed the stuff on ebay (who is having a free to list promo right now). the auctions are all ending today and tomorrow and so far, I'm up to $231! that's right, a pile of crap on my closet floor just turned itself into $231 and growing. the motivation for all of this selling you ask? a car seat I want for Mia, but not any ol' car seat, the best car seat money (I don't have) can buy. she's completely out grown her Graco Safe Seat that did her AND her big brother righteous their first year. but now she's kind of "pouring" out of it and needs a new one, drum roll please...a Britax Advocate 70 CS. god, it sounds so good, like the name itself could impede an oncoming car. and she will probably have it within 2 weeks, WHOO HOO! I also plan on using what's left over for christmas for the kiddies (and my hubby who is in desperate need of something frivolous). the point of this rant? look around on your floor (where I found a broken iphone that Desmond has been using to look like daddy and is probably going to fetch anywhere between $130-$150) and in your cluttered closets. it's the stuff dreams are made of.

attempting the dreaded holiday photo card...

every year it gets harder and harder to capture that elusive picture that I need for our holiday card. this year is especially difficult because I need to photograph my three year old, Desmond (who always seems to have his finger in his nose or the payoff from the picking on his face) AND our "newish" addition, Mia (she's 10 month old).  cut to me now close to 500 pictures in (spread over several trips to the local duck pond, playgrounds and anywhere else I can corral them in) and I don't have ONE picture that I would want to show a stranger. if Mia looks perfect, Desmond looks like he was born cross-eyed with an underbite. if Desmond looks like an angel, Mia looks like a dirty, crying orphan. how do people do this every year? how is it that I've received holiday cards where all the children are smiling in synchronicity? I'm lucky if they look present in a picture. maybe my good friend photoshop can help  me out again this year. last year we were able to get rid of a huge booger plastered under Desmond's nose.